possibly experimenting on the idea of self loathing

House of Shattered Glass
My own private roller coaster, conveniently located in my backyard
Looking around, and I am quite disappointed
My park is empty
It’s only me here, picking up the pieces of glass
How Fun!

So, heres my new mystery…
I shall call it The apology part 2
When someone says “I’m Sorry, I didn’t mean any harm”
What DID they mean?
When someone apologizes for something, usually they know they’re wrong
and sometimes they don’t…
When someone asks for forgiveness, does that mean you have to accept it?
I wonder…
If it’s the “right” thing to do, does that make it the healthy choice?
OHHH this is a mystery indeed!

When you get a cut or a scrape, it doesn’t heal in 10 seconds
it takes days, sometimes months or even years to heal
So then, it’s okay that it’s taken this wound 3 years to heal?
And then…
the glass shatters
and a piece falls right into the old wound….
old faces, old places, old news
but it’s all back again, here in the house of shattered glass.

Another mystery since we happen to be on the subject already…
Which one is worse:
Phyiscal or Emotional scars?
I wonder

Which one is deeper?
Well, in this case, emotional scarring is worse
bruises unknown by the world around me
which has lead me to the idea of possibly thinking that it’s not anyones fault but my own
hence the title
mystery solved?
Possibly… but wait
If it was my fault, does that mean I should apologize to myself and not the other way around?
Does that mean that the pain is totally my fault?
Well, I DID break all that glass
but what about the other glass breakers involved?
Are they not to blame?
Oh how mysterious this is indeed

Maybe I should lead my mystery to bed
it is late, and time is not on my side
tick tock tick tock
time to put the Sherlock Act to bed for tonight
Mysteries unsolved shall be picked up and dropped and flattened
and made into a delish pancake for breakfast tomorrow morning
what a splendid idea that is indeed!
Time to shut down the ride for a chance to rest thy mind

switch on
switch off
and explode
Oh, great look at the mess that made
time to get out the broom and start picking up the pieces again
It looks like Sherlock shall rest and the maid shall not

but they’re both the same person
It’s me…in the thing ( Noi that was for you and you alone)