Speed of Sound

Bird go flying at the speed of sound….

I think I will build myself some wings of feather and glue
fly up with the birds at the speed of sound
If you could see it than you’d understand

Maybe I will melt
the heat of the sun will melt my wings and I’ll go fallin
past the birds and past the clouds
back down to earth
Sometimes its good to get a glimpse of the other side
so that you can enjoy what you have .

It doesn’t get any better than this
Movin on
Walking down the field with the mud on my boots and the glue on my arms
Birds go flying at the speed of sound to show you how it all began
I am capable of getting past this
without THEM
THOSE people who run the world
Tata darlin…
Just me and the sunset
in the field of strawberries
and maybe an ipod
and a notebook
and a piano…
but thats all I need
nothing more
nothing less
I said I was going to continue
and thats what I’m going to do
no more crying
only smiles
cuz I am moving on
Walking away from the past
from people who don’t need me around
Gonna strut with the pink boots
those tush kickin boots
Here I go
On my way
It can be done