It’s almost impossible to deal with
leaving someone behind
having someone walk out of your life
yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away…
They all just seem to file out
one by one, G-D picks people out of my life
important people
people that I love and care about
and in time the pain heals
and in time I will look back on this time and wonder why I cared
This is why I shouldn’t become close with people
I attach myself to them, they become my world
and then POOF
their gone
they flew out the window and past the field
into the sunset
with feathers glued to them like wings ( anyone who learned Etymology with Mr.Franks knows what I’m talking about)
don’t get too close to the sun, your wings will melt
This is what happens
you love
you hope
you dream
you become important
being important feels nice
until feather wings have been made
so long darling
nice knowing ya
have a nice life.

And I am in the field
eating my weight in strawberries
watching wings melt in the extreme heat of the sun
thats what you get for trying to fly.

L’Chaim people