Run away

It’s an intense feeling
sitting on the floor having everyone stare at you
yelling at you
looking down in disappointment at someone they refuse to call a sister or a daughter
I am sick of crying
I am sick of pain
I am sick of tryinig to be someone I am not
I just want to run away
Run free and feel hope that tomorrow will not bring another disappointed face,another “look” from a teacher
I am sorry I am not my sister but this is who I am
Deal with it
This is me
if you don’t like it well I am sorry but I am not going to change and be who you want me to be.
all for the sake of everyone else
did anyone ever ask me why I get angry?
They never care…only for the people who are hurt in the process of my pain

Run away
to a free place
how nice that would be
unfortunately this is not a fairy tale, this is reality
reality sucks
I can’t get away from the anger
the change
the freaking out
the looks
oh my gosh
did she just say what I think she said?
I hate that I have become so angry
so pissed off
and so moody
I never used to cuss at all
now, oh wow now you don’t even want to know what comes out of my mouth
and I can’t control it, because the anger has taken over my body and my mind

I am so sick with comparions and nasty looks and disappointed faces
and annoyed friends
I am running away
to a place called Neverland
to join Peter Pan on his many adventures…
but every Peter Pan has a captain hook
Maybe Neverland is my reality, but I am too close minded to see what I shouldn’t

Second star to the right and straight until morning
what a glorious feeling
If only