So many things have happened…
the past four weeks have been a blur
It’s December 3rd… my english birthday is in 2 days G-D Willing
4 days until my Hebrew Birthday
5 days until Crown Heights
and guess what
My parent’s bought me a piano for my birthday
I am speechless
It is sitting in my room at this very moment, in all it’s beautiful glory
It fits perfectly, I can’t believe it’s here.A piano. For me. To play on. YES!

You know whats kinda funny?
No one expected me to get this far
I played for two years when I was younger, but my heart was not into the piano at 6 years old.
All my elementary school teachers told me I was making a mistake by stopping
And I was given the title as the Jumper, who jumps from one thing to another without ever making up my mind.

But now
it’s a glorious thing!
A piano, in my room!
I can play whenever I want!
I can’t believe this
so beautiful
so exciting
the perfect birthday gift!