Ghost of the past

Something very sad happened to me once
Every person I ever trusted all of a sudden unvieled their true colors
My sunshine filled days were all of a sudden filled with disgusting foggy weather
And I learned not to trust ANYBODY…
There are only a few people I can trust up til today
My close family members
good friends who stuck by me through all the chaos
And then when I began high school, everything was new
and for an entire year there was NO drama
no chaos
no maddness
I learned to trust again
I gained many loyal and true friends
and then one came along who seemed loyal and trust worthy
someone who I could hold an equal friendship with
sometimes one speaks too soon
I obviously didn’t know what I was getting myself into.
I needed her
and she couldn’t let herself hold back any anger she had
and so I was bashed
and thrashed
and attached
when I needed a friend
I felt in the dumps
because when trying to protect all she did was wreck
but here I am feeling guilty for her mistakes
and then I realize
the exact same thing happened 3 years ago
blasts from the past are never far away are they?
just a reminder
not everyone can be trusted
not everyone can lend a shoulder or an ear
Even if they are willing to accept help and advise
they aren’t always so willing to give back
it’s another ghost
I hate these visits