Deep, Beautiful Melancholy

AHHHHHH… one deeep breath
Just beauty
Beautiful Melancholy… just irony within these words
A million thoughts broken into a trillion pieces and at this very moment being placed into my mind
Gorgeous thoughts of endless rows of smiles and sunshine
And in the midst of my deep melancholy thoughts… the phone rings
A familiar voice… such a pleasant voice it is indeed
Hello there old friend… welcome back into my life
The phone call that adds to the endless wave of emotions
It’s as if I was expecting it…. my world of my violent blue would come a peaceful shade of pink.
And all I can do is think
By a single voice
and a single thought
I suddenly have the urge to get up and dance… even though the clock proves that indeed it is late
Maybe I should go to sleep I tell myself
Get up and dance at 4am…now 4:15
I dance for the sorrow and the joy of which the voice has swept over me
It’s amazing how a melancholy thought was turned into an endless emotion…
of confusion of course
Endless Confusion in my pools of smiles and sunshine
And Deep, Beautiful Melancholy