Three years.
Three years since I made one of the most powerful, hard and AMAZINGLY beautiful things in my life.
I let go of you.
I let go of you, of your hate, your lies, your secrets.
Today marks the day that I said so long, fair well, and don’t get the door hit you on your way out.
Can I tell you something?
I have never been happier.
Without you, I have spread my wings and flown free away from a masked world where everyone was living one big LIE.
You were a lie. And I had a chance to stop pretending. And I stopped pretending long enough to see that you were living a life that neither of us wanted. But, unlike you, I had a chance to escape. So, I did.
And truly, your mask never came off, because until now, three years later when so many of us have moved on from all of those events, your mask still continues to be wrapped VERY tightly around your face, and you will NEVER be able to take it off. Not only did you not know who I was, but you didn’t even know yourself… what a shame. Because you were a very nice person. Just masked.

Three years, since I broke free.
And you never even tried to stop me.
I tried to stop myself
to come back and say “let’s give this another chance”
Three chances.
Not one of them changed anything. The past had left a deep mark. A wound
I carry that wound around with me everywhere.
Until last year, when people told me that they loved me, I thought that they were lying, because thats all I was used to. Lies. When people told me they cared, I thought they would pull just what you did on me. Over and over.
And then I broke free. And realized that not everyone in the world is as lonely, as sad and as tortured as you were and will continue to be.
And now,Rosh Hashana is in 4 days, and I have an option to apoligize to you.
For what?
For my freedom? For my life back?
I think I will thank you instead.
Thank you for letting me live a life without you, a happy life.
I guess I should be sorry that things turned out the way that they are.
But I am REALLY happy with the way things worked out.
Hashem works in such mysterious ways.
I am so happy that I am able to see what Hashems plan was.
At first, I was so angry that we were being torn apart from each other.
And then Hashem unveiled the truth to His plan and showed me what was good in the situation I was put into.

So, what can I take out of this?
When everything seems to be down in the dumps, it’s truly not, because Hashem has a plan that I am unaware of, and in the end it will all turn out GREAT just like this did.

Ya gotta love it