Where are you?

Where are you?
Now that I need you more than ever, you’re gone.
Still there, but not really.
I need you, can’t you see?
I am in one big pile of misery and the only thing that can help me get out of this is your love and care.
But you’re pushing me away.
Pushing me away and making me feel like a criminal.
What is so wrong with being angry sometimes?
It’s an emotion isn’t it? Am I not allowed to feel?
Or does it only have to be happy and jolly like you claim to always be.

I see you.
I see the mask that you are wearing, and I know whats underneath.
You are just like me.
We are exactly the same.
But you have a role to fulfill.
Leave all the emotions that you are ashamed of to me of course.
The anger and fustration.
Sure, leave it to me.
You never have to pick up the pieces of your own mistakes, that’s my job.

Now what?
Now I need you to step out of your costume and take off your mask and look at me.
Where are you?
Where are you going and what is your purpose?

Now that I need your care the most, you’re tossing me away like a piece of trash.
Now that I need someone to listen and to care…you’re not there.

So where exactly ARE you?