Coming Back

It’s all coming back.
All the memories and the tears.
Can’t you see that you are unwanted here?

Can’t you just leave me alone?
I thought it was done.
Over with.
The goodbyes were said, we shook hands and went our seperate ways.
And now you are back to haunt me.
As if you haven’t done enough damage in my life.
And if I haven’t done enough in yours.
What happened to being apart, wasn’t it better that way?
At least I thought so.

A friendship down the drain over silly rumors and selfish lies.
What you did hurt me… but you ended up hurting yourself more.
And now you’re coming back to a place where you are not welcome and to where you do not belong.
So pack your things and leave me once more, that’s really all you seem to be good at.
And DON’T come back.