Summer in San Fran

It’s been a whole year since the most depressingly fun summer of my life.
The summer of Boi and Mimamakim
and driving around downtown with the Laguna Beach crew, stopping to talk to every random person on the street.
And 25 people crashing at our house which should only have been able to hold 10.
A whole year since the phone calls, the secrets and the lies.
And realizing that nothing is EVER as it seems.
The sunglasses, the bus rides and the long meandering Dmcs that connected our souls.
I miss you.
The joy and the pleasure as well as the sadness and hearbreaking pain.
The drama and the madness.
And two insane Frisco shabbatons…
and ALL that food…. kube and jachnoon galore!
Many a BBQ’s and late nights.

There is nothing better than being with the people I love the most, in the city of my soul.

A whole year.
September 3rd will mark a whole year, since everything changed.
New city
new school
new house
new life.

I thought I was able to get over it this year.
Leaving, and coming to a new place. A new place with new faces and a new me.
Nothing was harder than having to say goodbye… over and over again all we did was say goodbye.

What is so good about saying bye anyway? What is so good about deserting the only place you have ever known and start all over?
The closer the one year mark comes around, the more I begin to be haunted by it once more.

A whole year.
Who knew that so much could change in a whole year?

But change is good… difficult but good.
And it makes coming back even more fun.
Even so, I miss the people and the events of last summer very much.
Nothing can replace the craziness of a summer in San Fran