Silly Thoughts at 1:49am

Silly me.
Wide awake, contemplating this interesting thing called life.
My life.
I should be asleep
Snug and comfortable under my blankets.

But No.

I am here.
In front of my computer
Thinking about what an interesting life I have been living.
All that has happened.
Every event that pops into my head over the past 15 years.
Do I regret any of these events?
Am I ashamed?
Angered by some of my choices?
Oh yes!
Would I ever want to relive some of those experiences?
Definetly not!
But am I happy that every event has occured?
Oh yes of course!!

There were certain people who never thought I would get this far.
I was one of them.
After falling flat on my face so many times, most people expected me to give me.
But I didn’t.
Take that you silly little annoyances!
I am moving my mountains!

Earlier this week, I was telling my co-counsler of one of my many interesting middle school experiences.
Her reaction:
“Wow. I’m surprised that you are so sociable after all that has happened to you.”

A year ago, I would have been extremely offended by that comment.
But I wasn’t.

I just had to say that.
But truly.
With all that HAS happened, I should be this shelled up, naive and shallow child.
But that’s who I was BEFORE all of those crazy experiences.
Ha ha!
I laugh in the face of people with low expectations.
I am nothing close to a naive, shallow child, thank you very much.

Silly thoughts are retiring for the night
Along with every part of my tired body ( I just LOVE being a camp counsler!)

Good Night Silly Thoughts
Come and visit again soon