A Lesson

I am very sad to announce…
That the three weeks have begun,
3 weeks of complete and total sadness.

No music
I had enough of this by the sphirah.

The cause for this sadness is great.
The destruction of our Bais Hamigdash.

For 3 weeks, Jerusalem was taken hostage.
No food, no water.
And instead of sharing what they did have, the jews in Jerusalem kept their own food to themselves.
No one had ahvas yisroel.

Today in camp, during shuir time, the three of us ( counslers) taught our campers about having ahavas yisroel.
And I told them a story, about having even the smallest love for your fellow, can save a mans life.
My campers were shocked.
Most of them had never heard of ahavas yisroel until we told them about it today.

On the bus to our field trip, I was thinking a bit about the story.
My campers really seemed to take what I said into their own lives right away.
Why can’t I do the same?
Why couldn’t I be affected by that story in the same way?

I definetly don’t have ahavas yisroel for many people.
It’s a hard mitzvah to keep.

Love every single person as yourself.

How is that possible?

My co- counsler today asked me: but how can you love other people, if you don’t truly love yourself?

Ahhh, tricky.

The answer is… I don’t know.
That’s a hard one.

May we all learn to love ourselves and other people just as much.