Invisible I Am Not

I don’t want to be invisible.
I am becoming a part of the wall.

I am a human being with feelings
and my feelings are hurt at the moment.

These past weeks, I have been feeling invisivle.
Sad, and confused and angry and hurt.

Today, in the middle of my weird mood, I got a phone call from one of my friends, but I decided not to pick up.

About ten seconds ago, I listened to my messages.

“Leigh. I want to know what is up with all of your weird emotions. You are sad and confused and BLAHHH! Call me back. Bye”

Somebody Cares.

Thank you friend.

So, I am not invisible… maybe I’m just a bit unnoticable sometimes.

The world doesn’t always give me a ton of attention.
But I don’t think it’s healthy to feel invisible either….

I have the randomest crossroads.