Lost and Confused

I am standing at a cross roads…

Do I go left or right?
Forwards towards my destination, or backwards to a safe place?

Many of the streets and paths that I am taking are unmarked.

I am lost and confused.
Don’t know where to go.

I need guidance down my path.

But for some reason, the people who I need the most, are the ones who are pushing me away.

Lost and Confused.

Worried and Scared.

I’m headed out into the world knowing that I am alone.
All by myself.
No one but me.

I feel like I am trapped on a deserted island.
I need comfort.
I need a piano.

Where are my leaders?
Where are my friends?
They are leaving me stranded at a dead end…
Thanks guys, your love and devotion is very much appreciated.

I am officially lost
and I need to find my way back…