Caution: Handle with Care

I think I need to start walking around with a sign that says:
Fragile… Handle with Extreme Care.

Watch out! The person you are about to speak to is: Sensative and Naive… May need extra attention.

Caution: The girl you are about to break is not easily put back together. It may take time and a lot of commitment…Choose your ways wisely, or you may end up regreting your decision.

I should walk around with all of these signs plastered onto me.
That way, people know what they are getting themselves into when they meet me.

That way, they can back out if they want to from the start, to avoid unwanted dumping later.

I need to be cushioned from the world.
I should start walking around carrying a lot of pillows, so if I fall, I don’t hurt myself.

I need to shield my soul.
I have been scared enough.

Caution: If you hurt me, I will be deeply scared, and I may be forced to bite back.

Soldier reporting for duty.
I am here to protect myself.
Watch out.

This battle has just begun…