Fighting is so silly.
Anger and fustration blown out of preportion.
Obviously it is good to get your feelings out in the open, it is never healthy to let the pain eat you from inside out.
But yelling and screaming, kicking and punching, those are never good ways of getting your feelings out.

I always feel like a terrible person after a fight, if it involved me or not.
I always go into this semi depressed mood, after hearing yelling and such.
But especially when the yelling and screaming and whatever is coming from me.

It seems like even if I just open my mouth to give a piece of advice or help, I end up fighting with someone.

In my experience, I should know better than to talk.
Talking gets me no where.
Talking has gotten to a point where my TWIN sister tells other people important news before she tells me, because I say too much.
e into too many fights.

No screaming or yelling is involved. Usually.
Just a few casual words in passing end up load uproars.

Its a never ending cycle.

It never seems to end.

Maybe I should just stop talking.
Thats hard for such a people pleaser.
Someone who always has to be listening and understand.
How can I just stop talking?

I need to move to a place where no one speaks English.
Does such a place exist?
I should move to another planet
I can’t talk to anyone there because there is NO life on other planets.

Fights are annoying.
Someone always gets hurt.
I hate watching other people fight. Hate is not a feeling I feel towards many things.
Fighting is the one of the few expections to my rule.
I hate fighting, and yelling and screaming.
Angry feelings are not pleasent
I cannot stand these fights anymore.

I’m moving to Siberia
For me, thats pretty much another planet.

The only person I can fight with in Siberia is myself.
And I already do that anyways, so I know what to expect.

I don’t want to fight anymore
in ten seconds from now me and Noi are going to kiss and makeup
and then it’ll all be fine again
until it happens again

thats sad
it always seems to happen again.
I wish there was some way to just get rid of all ill feelings
all fights
and fustration

Then, trying to be helpfull and give a piece of advice won’t turn into some crazy blown out crazy fight.

L’Chaim to no more fights
and a cheap plane ticket to Siberia.