I have nothing to say except that this has been a very uninspiring week for me.
Nothing to write about, nothing to say. Only the usual. School, Finals, Shabbattons.

I was reading one of my friends blogs last night. She wrote a post about how she felt like her blog was becoming her life. She had to blog about everything and anything that seemed to be something.

I felt like my blog became my life recently, so I stopped being so intense
and i have also been uninspired to write anything.
Any ideas on what to say?
I was reading back on my old posts this past shabbos and i felt like such a young silly child. I sound so funny!
but then again, how many 15 year olds do you know that can write like me? No ego intended. 🙂
I feel like that at school sometimes. I used to be the “original thinker” the bookworm, and the collage level writer. Ha. Welcome to the Hebrew Academy, where everyone are “original thinkers’ bookworms and collage level writers. 118 books in 3 months? Ha! Have you met the brilliant genius girls in my school??
Help! My life is becoming an over obessive blog freak who worrys about being original.

I have been trying to “spice up” the way I think lately. I look at all of my friends, and they all have these ideas about life, and they all have different ways of expressing themselves. One is an artist, one is a poet. I cannot draw or rhyme. I am however a photographer and a journalist. And not to forget chefboyarleigh of course.

This total inspirational high of mine is crashing down on me, and I don’t know how to pick it back up.

Any advice anyone?