Lots going on

There is so much stuff going on
I don’t even know where to begin
Shabbatons, and Shavuous
Finals and Camp ( its less than 4 weeks away!)
School is already over!
What the heck!
It seems as if two minutes ago, I was stepping into school for my first day of high school
and within half a blink of an eye, I’m leaving a “graduated” freshman!
This roller coaster is going much faster than I expected!
All I can do is hang on for dear life, as everything flashes past me.
Everything is coming and going.
This is NUTS!!
This year seriously FLEW by
I cannot even explain how fast everything past.
Here we are, already up to Shavuous ( and M.M.M’s 1st birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck!!!! Okay, now this roller coaster is REALLY going by too quickly! STOP the roller coaster and let me enjoy the ride a bit!)
We’re going to recieve the Torah again
How hectic is this
I think I have to go kick back, relax and enjoy the ride know as life before it comes to a complete and total stop…