Hateful Self Defense

I hate you
Those three words can slice through a person like a knife
I hate you
Three words said so easily, the effect seems almost harmless.
But it is much more harmfull than one may think.
Why hate? Hate is so negative.
Hate is hurtful

But people say “I hate you” all the time! More than once throughout the day
It has been so overused, that you would think that those three words have lost their meanings.

10 years ago, if you told someone that you hated them, it was because they did something horribly wrong, and they “deserved” to here those words.

Now ( at least at my school) When you tell someone that you hate them its because
A) they did something impossibly small to bother you.
B) because they want to blame that person for your faults.

Saying I hate you gets you out of a situation faster than realizing your own mistakes

About a year ago, I got into a really nasty fight with someone. I was mad at them, and I wanted to tell them how I felt. I realized that I had also made a few mistakes and hurt that person too. When I confronted that person, they couldn’t and wouldnt hear the truth. Truth hurts. We all know that.
So instead of taking in what I said with an open heart, she told me I hate you
over and over for the two hours that our conversation went on.

Saying I hate you has turned into a type of self defense
Instead of listening to the truth (which can only help)
you bash the person over the head for speaking out

Why can’t you just hear the truth?
Sure it hurts, but does that mean you have to bash everyone around you?
Doesn’t the truth help?
Saying I hate you, will only cause more anger

Three powerful words
They may not seem to have an affect on you or the other person
but it does
a huge affect
more than one can understand
Don’t Hate
Be Kind
It will help you reach your goal faster.