Fake Reality

Something has caught my attention over the past couple of weeks at school. Not only throughout the past couple weeks, but also throughout the past 15 years of school. It is a little something that I like to cal Fake Reality.

Case 1 ( the most obvious and most used): Julie (says to Martha) Oh My Gosh! Gina is such a little B****!I swear, I’m gonna make her pay for all of the crap that she has done to me…
Gina walks past her
Julie and Martha: Oh Hi Gina! How are you? ( Kiss, kiss, hug, hug)
Gina: Just great! Its great to see you!
(walking away from each other)
Gina, Julie and Martha: Ugh what a B***.
This is a typical every day happening. Every place that I have gone in my life, most of the fights and anger that that I have witnessed around me, revolves around something like that. And such, is the ordinary day of a teenage girl.

What strikes me as funny, is that I see many situations like the one above, happen everywhere I go. Between every person, about almost everything. Everyone is almost always fighting with someone. Either they don’t like them, because they didnt give them a chance ( which usually happens) OR they gave the person an unfair chance, and they used it unwisely. 😦

One situation that I found extremely annoying, was something that has been going on at school for a few weeks. ( well, actually it has been going on for 6 years. I only became a witness to this 6 weeks ago.)
There are 5 girls in my school who cannot seem to get along. They curse each other out, they do horrible things, and its really so sad to see. But thats only when they aren’t together. When these 5 girls are together, they are impossible to seperate! They are together like glue and paper, pb and j, salt and pepper. Dont even try to seperate these girls.
So, behind each others backs, they will be rude, crude and impolite. But to each others faces, they are like (Oh My Gosh!) Best Friends Forever!
Give me a break.
Choose a side. Either you are going to be nice or mean. Take your pick. You can’t do both. You cannot choose to live in a fake reality like the one that you are living in now.
Most of the world lives in the fake reality.
There are endless love/hate relationships between family members, friends, teachers and co-workers. Its like hugging a person, just so you can stick a knife in their backs.
Take your pick
A fake, plastic relationship, based on lies and backstabbing.
OR a real, true, loving and caring relationship, no knifes involved?

I choose Reality.