Growing Up is not for Sissies!

This weekend, I was going through my closet, when I passed by a few of my old diares.
I decided to look through a few of them. And what I saw scared the living life out of me….
I am growing up.
I am not the same immature child that i was 3-4 years ago.
I am not even the same person that I was yesterday!
I am not the same person that I will be in 10 hours
or 10 days
10 months
10 years!!!!
15 years of my life have just flashed before me!
Every person is constantly changing.
Reading those endless pages of my childhood (and preteenhood)
made me want to hide under the covers and never come out!
My whole life is flashing before me!
I just want to hit the pause button and enjoy what I have in front of me!
In a few years, I’ll be married with children!

Wait a second
I have years until I have to worry about that.
But All of this thinking got me to thinking every more.
I have to pay attention to every detail of my life
how beautiful each and every day is.
Taking life for granted isn’t something that should be done.
Every single second of every single day of your life
should be taken with appreciation and happiness.
“Mode Ani Lefancha Melech Chai V’ Kayam. Shechzarta B’Neshamasie
Bechemla Rabba Emunacecha”

So, take the time to appreciate your life.
Because there isn’t a pause botton, or even a slow motion.
Life is in Fast Forward all the time!