Something to think about

This week, was Holocaust rememberance day

We went to the Holocaust musuem with school today
I am tramatized
I didnt even go into the holocaust exibit
just looking at the other stuff freaked the heck out of me.
I cant bare to watch other people suffer
so I didnt go in
Because, Watching Jews suffer is something I refuse to do.
I was so scared
and it was so awful
So I stayed out of the exibit with the principal of my school
and two other girls.
one girl came out in the middle of the tour crying hysterically
she had the power to go in to the holocaust part for 20 minutes
and she cried for 2 hours
I cried without even having to go in.

Did you know, that if you would sit and have a moment of silence for
every person (12 million people) that died in the holocaust, Jews and
goyim, you would be silent for 21 YEARS.
Thats how much 12 million is.
DO YOU KNOIW WHAT 21 YEARS IS??????????????

The scariest part
was that the tour guide gave us i.d. cards right before the doors opened
and during the holocaust tour
we were that child who actually WENT through it.
and at the end of the tour
they would tell us if they survived or not.
I looked at the I.D.’s that we given to us.
The beautiful little faces of smiling Jewish Children
from all over Europe.
AND I couldnt do it
I couldnt go through with it.
So Rabbi Rapaport took me out to the Lobby of the Musuem
I cried hysterically for about 20 minutes
and then I spent the rest of the day partly tramatized
and then I realized
that the point of this tour
was to teach us how grateful we should be for our own lives.
So, on the bus ride back to school, I began to thank Hashem, our King
for the amazing life that He continues to give me everyday
And that I am so thankful everyday
for the life that I have
and that Hashem choose me, and continues to choose me everyday
to be a part of His world
and to serve Him.
I made an hachlata Purim time, to be always in simcha. ALWAYS
So, I am going to continue and be stronger in my hachlata to be happy
Because, if you are going to serve Hashem, you should give it your all
and do it the right way
So I am going to do it the right way
and be happy
for Hashem
and for everyone around me.
And for those people that didnt survive the Holocaust
I have a much stronger opinion about this then I did before today
and I didnt even go into the exibit!
I still can’t stop shaking
I am so overwhelmed with everything right now
But I know that Hashem always does everything for the good.
And everything is always good
and nothing is bad
Bad does not exist
unless we allow it to.
I think everyone should grab ahold of these idea
because by thinking angry, or sad, or mad
we are bringing to ourselves those things
SO i am going to be happy
for me and everyone around me
so that everyone only has good things.
Even though everything is ALREADY good and will continue to be good
I want to make sure that I am contributing to the good in the world.
take a minute to think about what you can do
to contribute to the world
to add happiness.
And remember
that everything is for a good reason
and everything is meant to be
and that we can learn something from everything that happens in the world.