L’chaim to life

I can’t believe its over!
Pesach is done!
I felt so guilty when I took that bite out of my pizza at the Kretchme tonight.
I can’t believe it!
The last days were just amazing beyong amazing!
The kedusha is so amazing.
I am so inspired.
I learnt a lot this pesach
Happiness is everything.
Negativity gets you no where.
This entire pesach, the only thing that we really discussed during our meals
was the secret to happiness.
This pesach, I truly, finally realized
that being negative, only has a negative outcome.
And that everything is good.
Everything is for the good, everything was, is and will always be for the good.
There is no such thing as bad in this world.
We are the only ones who could choose to see the world in a negative way.
I knew all of this before
but so many things happened that really opened my mind and my heart to this idea.
L’chaim to the kedusha in Crown Heights.
Tomorrow, we return to the O.C.
Chani Marc- I am bringing back the kedusha with me
along with some other great things.
L’chaim to a wonderful yom tov.
May everything in every single day be as joyful as this pesach was!