Leaving Mitzraim

When the Jewish people were taken out of Egypt, they were free people. G-d had taken them out of their labor, and their pain of working for the Egyptians. They were FREE.
And THEN they received the Torah…
All of a sudden, they had so many commandments and rules. Restrictions.
Once again, the Jewish people had become slaves…
Or did they?

When the Jewish people were in Egypt, they were slaves to people. And many became slaves to idols. They were serving something that was the same as them, and even lower.
When they received the Torah, it was not Hashems way of showing them that they had once again BECOME slaves. They were free. They were free from serving themselves, and serving others beneath them.
They were now serving something higher, and more powerful. Something that could not be compared to a person, an animal or anything else that was physical.
Hashem was not only saving them from serving other people,
he was saving them from idolizing themselves as well.

Another thing that I find very interesting…:)
So, Hashem took us out of Egypt?
Why do we have to remember it every single day of our lives?
Because, in every day of our lives, Hashem continues to take us out of our own Egypt. Our own personal exile and slavery. Every day, we are taking ourselves and others out of small exiles, than all together form one large exile.
And soon enough
We will leave our great exile
With the coming on n’eN