Boy do i LOVE challenges.
Most people think I’m nuts.
When I tell them that I like having challenges, they all look at me like I’m some crazy person from the moon.
But really.
Challenges are great.
You wanna know why?
Because they make you a stronger person!
When you have something hard in front of you, and you over come it, that makes you much stronger than you were before.
Hashem wouldn’t give anyone something that they are unable to handle.
So the challenge that is there in front of you, is meant to be there.
You are meant to overcome this challenge.


One persons challenge, was to climb Mount Everst.
And for all of his life, he just sat at the foot of the mountain, never wanting to go up any further than he already was. That person, will never overcome his challenge, because he is afaid of the outcome of it all.
Never be afraid to become a stronger person!