Pesach in Crown Heights

Pesach in Crown Heights
The past 3 days have been so beautiful.
It has been a very cold, yet heartwarming experience.
The freezing weather was something that no one was looking forward to. I arrived at the airport in flipflops, to find that it was completely freezing outside! It was like chof bais shevat all over again!
Being with the Horowitz Family was amazing!
The seders were like nothing that I ever experienced before.
It was so different from being in San Francisco.
It was so holy!
Davening in 770 was the best part by far.
Everyone singing Hallel together, it was so beautiful.
I am never going any where else for pesach! ( sorry sf crew!)
It was really such an amazing experience!
AND the best part is, is that its not over yet!
Happy Chol Hamoed to everyone around the world.
From Sf to Crown Heights!