What a wonderful place

Ahh Torrey Pines.
Such a Glorious Place.
( Hey Noi and Chani- Remember how you didnt think I would need a camera!:) )
Full of beautiful memories.
Only Happy Vibes coming from Torrey Pines!
Remembering the day that we went
I was so sad.
That whole week was so sad.
And then, we went to Torrey Pines
in Chani’s new car
in which we were not allowed to discuss negative things.
In chani’s car, we only discuss the good and the happy.
And then we arrived at Torrey Pines.
And I really wasn’t sad anymore!
Because I was too happy to be sad!
All the the beautiful things that I saw in front of me, all of Hashem’s beautiful creations
made me so happy.
I wish that everyone in the world would have their own private Torrey Pines
So that they could all be happy.
Happiness Breaks all Boundries.
I wish everyone would have the power to just open their eyes the way that I did, that day at Torrey Pines,
and just be able to see that everything in this world is so good and happy